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tv   The Five  FOX News  January 23, 2013 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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thank you. he took my shield, my lady. these are troubling times in the kingdom. moreiscounts than we knoweth what to do with. now that's progressive. nancy pelosi now represents san francisco. who is she rooting for in the super bowl? >> i will be rooting for 49ers not losing against ravens. i was rooting for both to go
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to the super bowl. and then, they both did. but only sons yolation i have is that harbaugh parents must have a more difficult decision to make on that day. >> greta: she was referring to head coaches and beckel, eric b,
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da gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five. ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: 135 days after muslim terrorists murdered four americans at the consulate in benghazi the nation's top diplomat appeared before lawmakers t explain what happened. secretary of state hillary combative in two separate one in the house, the other in senate. e erupted at one point whe republican senator ron johnson of wisconsin questioned her about the administration's
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initial storyline. >> we were misled that there were protests and something sprang out of that, assault sprang out of that. that was easily ascertained that was not the facts. american people could have known that within days and they didn't know that. >> with all due respect, the fact is we had four dead americans. >> i understand that. >> because of a protest or guys out for a walk one night to decide to go kill some americans? what difference at this point does it make? it is our job to figure out what happened and do everything we can to prevent it from ever happening again. >> kimberly: four dead americans, what difference does it make? >> eric: that was -- the problem with that sound bite is it came 84 minutes in to the testimony. i was waiting, i was online, tweeting, facebooking, waiting for one of the senators on the right side or the left side to ask her. when? why did you decide it was the video? why did you blame the video for so long? now with your own testimony
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right here, admitting that it was terror and you knew it was terror from the very beginning you went with the video. it took 84 minutes. that response tells a lot. she lost it, hillary clinton lost her cool at that moment. what difference does it makebe? it makes all the difference in the world. it doesn't make any difference to the four people in the ground but it makes everything, difference to everyone watchin watching this. who have been trying to figure out who knew what and when?at pt disingenuous. >> bob: what she was saying is, put it in context, it doesn't matter what the situation was or how it happened. the four people are dead. figure out how we make that better. she wasn't suggesting it doesn't matter that four people were dead. >> eric: how about thane covered it up -- >> bob: made johnson sound like a fool. >> kimberly: not really. it does matter. if you find out exactly why it happened you can prevent it from happening again. accountability. >> greg: there were more thank yous than last week's golden globes. i was ready the throw up. she was giving -- seen better
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answers from a magic 8 ball. i'm going to show you why this matters. why there is a difference that is made here. this is a summary of how hillary answered the erequests. i have it uerequests -- answeree questions. first, this stuff is hard. and then she'd say and confusing. then she would say but i take full responsibility. and then later, this is the genius of hillary clinton. admitting fault to evade taking responsibility. so it's a weird way. i actually absolves her. like a guy running over your dog and saying wow! this is awful. but let's move forward. so i won't run over your dog again. this is a bizarre thing. that's why when she says what difference does it make? it does make a difference. that is the mistake. >> bob: you just said it in your points, she said i take responsibility. >> greg: that is the genius. takes responseability to absolve responsibility.
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okay, i took responsibility. let's move forward. what difference does it make? don't you see what i'm saying? >> bob: no. >> dana: when she asked what difference does it make, it's only the central question at the heart of this which i what do they know, when did kno? even when she says whether it was a guy that made a video to park the riot or two guys walking down the street to kill the ambassador, if you follow story closely, those weren't the two options. the other one was it was al-qaeda inspired planned attack. that was the question. the fact they blame a video -- the guy is still in vail, right? american went to prison for exercising the first amendment rights and the question is how did it get there? she is right. she never actually said about the video. but everybody else did. >> eric: can i say that i am going to disagree with that a little bit. we're jumping through hoops and people say did she have a say or not? i tell you unequivocally when the bodies came up, the cargo
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plane, draped in -- >> dana: she said -- right. >> eric: she mentioned the video standing next to the flags. 'canes that's right. >> eric: all the americans -- >> dana: in the hangar. >> eric: she didn't mention terror. she mentioned the video at that moment. if she didn't say it, she alluded to the fact that is what they were going to blame it on. >> dana: one of the murdered american's father -- >> kimberly: take a thereon sound from earlier today where she discusses this exactly. >> when you briefed up, you said unequivocally this is the result of the video. i remember in fact you got pretty upset about it when somebody suggested this was a terrorist attack. >> the video, i did not say that it was video, that it was about the video for libya. it certainly was for many of the other places where we were watching the disturbances. >> kimberly: okay. a couple interpretations of this. the fact of the matter you referenced where this there
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was a ceremony, the memorial for the fallen americans. where it is mentioned. >> eric: she mentioned it. by the way, she mentioned it day after, she mentioned the video. mentioned it that day. president obama mentioned it on october 25 at the-up. it was mentioned time and time again. it wasn't until, it wasn't until the debate with mitt romney that president obama said yeah, we knew it was terror. >> dana: you are right. >> eric: bailed him out. >> dana: you were right to correct mel. i also forgot it was days after secretary of state hillary clinton and president obama did that joint public service announce in the pakistan. where they said please, you know, know we didn't, we weren't the cause of the video that caused the riot. we didn't make the video. >> bob: you were waiting for hillary clinton, the benghazi people that follow this closely waiting for this to be the big moment. they didn't lay a finger on her. this is over. forget it. you have want to keep it going, fine. >> eric: agree with you. >> bob: old news. >> eric: i agree 100%.
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i was waiting for a senator, i put it up on senator. failed. corker. failed. rubio. failed. down the line. they had her, they had her with her own words. and they for some reason went back to the review board. that said here is where the failures were. there are four dead americans. >> kimberly: rand went after her. >> eric: 84 minutes in before they went after her. >> kimberly: then rand said if i was president and you worked for me and you didn't read the cable, bye. let's play that. >> had i been president at the time and i found you did not read the cables from benghazi, you did not read the cables from ambassador stevens, i would have relieved you of your post. it's inexcusable. >> i am the secretary of state. and the a.r.d. made very clear that the level of responsibility for the failures that they outlined was set at the assistant secretary level and below.
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>> kimberly: greg, is that good enough explanation? >> bob: good enough -- rand paul will never be president of the united states. thank god. >> greg: thanks, greg. >> kimberly: yeah, greg. change in appearance. >> greg: only clinton can pretend to lead while at the same time professing ignorance. if i used, if i had her status for being secretary of state, i am secretary of state right now. and the fact that everybody kept thanking her for doing her job when it's clear that she failed doing her job. this is a failure. >> kimberly: she accepted responsibility. this was 2016. sounded like the campaign speech and kickoff. right? >> eric: more -- i 100% agree with you. postering for 2016 than answering any questions about benghazi. referred to the "r," the review board assessment of what happened time and time again. she patted herself on the back for making it public when she didn't have to.
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>> bob: she has been a great secretary of state. remarkable work for four years and deserves credit. to stain her with one thing is a terrible mistake. >> kimberly: this became a popular theme throughout the hearings. they asked her where were you? we didn't hear from you. you were the person in charge. if you're responsible, why weren't you answering the questions when she stated many times she believed in transparency. she doesn't like sunday talk shows. take a listen. >> i have to confess here in public, going on the sunday shows is not my favorite thing to do. it just isn't something that i normally jump to do. >> kimberly: dana? >> dana: so no. one likes to do the sunday shows. no one. on wednesdays, i don't know how they do it at the current white house. in the bush administration, on wednesdays, at the end of the communications meeting there would be an okay, who is going to do the sunday shows?
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look around the room and everybody would look down because they knew they didn't want to ask their boss to do the sunday show. but there are times when it's, when it's your responsibility. then you need to go out and do the sunday show, or whatever. when this was all taking place, you had an agent about to meet here in new york city. remember there was a hubbub about president obama declining for meeting. it make sense for the u.n. ambassador to do the sunday show but not in this case when they admitted she knew nothing about the breaking news. >> kimberly: she did a duck and cover and came forward when she was ready to speak and answer the questions. eric, i want to ask you about the f-16. the issue was there was a lot of posturing time to blame the house republicans for not providing funding to support our consulate. adequate security to protect the lives. when you look at what we spent money on --
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>> eric: i have pages and pages of notes from her system. on several occasions, this is the way she put it. we had a budget shortfall. budget shortfalls, budget shortfalls. we'll send f-16s, you know, literally tens of billions of dollars funding various projects throughout the world. but we have budget shortfalls and there are four dead americans because of it. it was duck and cover and posturing for 2016. >> greg: like a student who flunked a course and tells the teacher i'm as shocked as you are how this turned out. i agree, we could all do better. >> bob: among the population she got a-plus today. >> greg: move forward. yes, i did a terrible job but move forward from the terrible job. >> bob: it is time to move forward. are you finished now? >> greg: no, another block. >> kimberly: time for the "b" block. i don't mean beckel. when we come back, gutfeld monologue on benghazi unlike anything you have seen on television. later, manti teo sits down with katie couric. we have have a tape. you have to decide if you
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>> greg: a just release report details the bush administration coverup. after ambassador and three other americans were killed by al-qaeda affiliated terrorists. secretary of state condoleezza rice came up with a story to blame a video maker for the riot that led to the death. except there was no riot. in fact, vice president cheney was in the situation room with president bush and secretary rumsfeld as the whole scene unfolded, conning ambassador boltton to go on the sunday show. senators clinton, obama, kerry demand to know why bush chose to blame the first amendment when he knew all along the video didn't cause the attack? meanwhile, newsweek in stim drugstore brochure demand special prosecutor and resignation. the hbo film directed by sean penn called "blood on your hands" wins an emmy. the musical "bullet over
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benghazi" garners a tony. the 50,000-word poem by james franco though awful wins a pulitzer. bigger than watergate combine combined. my point, you predict the media explosion. but we have a slobbering mess to ensure re-election. film maker is in jail without the aclu raising a finger. i just blame the video. >> kimberly: clever. >> greg: i came up that on my own. no help from dana. >> dana: honestly, if you were to say you were an alien that came from space and reading the stuff and you read it. and you switch out characters the media head exploded on us and believe me, we would have
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had a tougher hearing. deserved to. >> greg: don't we have a s.o.t. showing the press thinks this story is over, i don't know, exaggerated? >> this is an utterly contrived story. >> conservatives chosen to shamelessly exploit vicious and sustained attack that led to death of four americans in libya. >> the republicans are relishing the opportunity to politicize an attack on the united states. >> cowell say it louder, candy? >> he did call it an act of terror. it did as well take, it did as well take two weeks or so for the whole idea of there being a riot out there about the tape. >> we reported, the administration reported everything that we have been, we have been told and we shared it in real-time. >> wouldn't you say the press has been the opposite of proactive? the word might be reactive?
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>> i consider this sour grapes. did they play this out as a way to avoid gives it to him before the election? yes. did they get away with it? yes. >> you are admitting -- >> i admit. >> bob: politicized it. >> this is a situation you don't want to fight the battle in a close election. they got away with it. you got to live with it. >> greg: they got away with it. you got to live with it and expose it and go after them for it. >> dana: there are four people not living with it. >> kimberly: they are not going to. the hypocrisy is elf evident. look at the coverage -- self-evident. look at the coverage. today was a coronation for hillary. thank you so much, thank you so much. >> bob: you had your best and brightest republican brains up there. why didn't they do something? >> eric: i don't know. fair question.
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c'mon guys. we were eight hours in before we got -- this was congressman, young congres congressman -- hold on. random thoughts. when she said what difference does it make? made my head spin. crocodile tears that never came out. listen, let me qualify it as this. i think she is fantastic secretary of state with the exception of this one instance, this is a mark on her -- >> kimberly: should it matter, then? >> eric: i never saw the request for more security, she said. really? going on sunday show not my favorite thing? really. i wasn't consulted regarding sun september 16. really? earlier on she claimed she was involved in every detail of benghazi and those things she had no idea about. honestly, a lot of four minutes of you have been great, thank you for your service. madam secretary. one quick question. oops, i'm out of time. >> bob: why didn't she read
11:24 pm
the cables? i was deputy assistant secretary of state. i got 10,000 day. imagine how many she gets? you expect her to read them? >> eric: i never saw the request for more securityium. want to us believe she never saw a request? >> greg: we have a word count we did from the senate hearing of the words mentioned. the word "film." zero. the word "movie" zero. "internet" zero. "video. they mention the word "video" but talking about a video conference. >> dana: you could tell that the staff had obviously followed this story much more closely than the senators. you can prep your senator as well as you try a when they get up there, they make a choice. can i make a point? >> greg: no. >> dana: the media, it seems that the doctor takes an oath, hippocratic oath, the media has taken a hypocritic oath. i wanted to use that line all
11:25 pm
day. >> greg: a little word play. very little. >> dana: you don't know how hard it is to be this little? oh, yes, you do. >> greg: painful. all right, coming up. manti teo speaks for the first time. does the world learn about his imaginary girlfriend. we got our hands on the tape. you will see it next on "the five." ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> eric: welcome back, everybody. we told you about the huge controversial surrounding notre dame football player manti teo and the hoax that
11:30 pm
everybody has been talking about. couric scored the first interview with the young man. because we have the greatest producers in the world, you get to watch some of it right here, right now. watch. >> you stuck to the script. you knew that somebody was amiss, manti. >> correct. >> why? >> well, anybody put yourself in my situation. katie, put yourself in my situation. my whole world told me that she died on september 12. everybody knew that. this girl who i committed myself to died on september 12. now i get a phone call on december 6, saying that she is alive and that i'm going to be put on national tv two days later and ask me about the same questions. what would you do? >> eric: hmm. what would you do? kimberly, thoughts on the interview? >> kimberly: well, number one, i like katie.
11:31 pm
she is fantastic. number two, he comes off as sympathetic and sad and naive. the guy who is devoting a life to family and religion. golden boy of sports. he will be a first round draft pick and get multimillion dollar deal and hopefully a real girlfriend. i think he will be forgiven. >> eric: real girlfriend. >> kimberly: well, this wasn't a real girlfriend. >> eric: i got you. bob? >> bob: i find it amazing how crushed his world was that his girlfriend died who he never met. number one. number two, what would you do, katie? i don't nope, maybe tell the truth. but that is assuming that you believe him. that he learned two days before december 6. i said from the beginning and i'll say it now, his father was worse by the way. he said i have known the i go 21 years of his life. that is his whole life, dad. he is your son. but the fact of the matter is that this guy was setting himself up for the heisman trophy and going to be a close vote. that's why he went along with the deal.
11:32 pm
>> eric: i'm not sure we set it up properly. what he did is say i found out sometime between december and january when they had the national championship game and he didn't say anything. do you believe him? do you care? thoughts? >> dana: i thought that katie set a good tone for the interview. and that i think he came across as a lot more believable, credible, and more, i guess i was more empatheticbe toward him than when lance armendariz went on oprah. that -- lance armstrong went on oprah. i think this young man got himself involved in something he didn't set out intending to lie. however, bob, you make a good point. the only thing that gives mesopauses the thing with the father -- gives me pause is the thing with the father. one thing to have a relationship on the internet? would i tell my mom and dad about that? i don't think so. >> eric: maybe if you have a chance to win the heisman. >> greg: it's really, really, really hard to trust people that you meet online? i had met this 22-year-old
11:33 pm
young woman online. that i had become infatuated with. it turns out to be al roker. it disgusted me. he was in drag. freaked me out. i want to use an old line i heard from a doctor. when you hear hoof steps, think horses not zebras look for the obvious diagnosis to a symptom. the most obvious symptom here is shyness. this is a guy who is young, probably sheltered and very religious, might be awkward around girls. out of a romantic notion fell in love with something that turned out to be false. >> bob: i could believe that about you. i can't believe it aboutbe him. by the way, the father also is the one who said, confirmed that he and she met in hawaii twice. >> greg: covering up for his embarrassment. >> kimberly: trying to help him. he's the dad. you wouldn't help your kid? >> eric: can we do this?
11:34 pm
we have 20 seconds. 15 seconds. watch. "catfishing." here is what it is. >> i'm neil. couple years ago i fell in love online. turns out my crush wasn't who i thought she was. i thought i fell in love with megan, but megan was really angela. >> greg: you know bill hemmer does this all the time. roller blading dates for saturday. >> eric: roller blading? >> greg: it's disgusting. roller ball, more like. >> kimberly: he doesn't roller blade. why do you say that? >> bob: hemmer wants an explanation of all the things you said. i mention it to him. >> eric: we better get out of here quick. coming up, kate upton, bubbles in a car wash. no brainer for a tv segment or ad in the bowles. busuper bowl. but you don't have touate until february -- you don't
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have to wait until february. sneak peek. ♪ ♪
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busy day on "special report" at 6:00 eastern but now back to "the five." ♪ ♪ >> bob: you were saying? >> dana: so, greg, almost just caused a problem on the show. >> greg: no, i didn't. >> dana: yes, you did. wow! he doesn't know the words to that song and he was making them up. there is a certain word that rhymes with "truck" he was going to sing. i was supposed to talk about facebook and social media how it can be a blessing and a curse. we talk about this the other day. so, remember back in high school, if you found out that your friend invited another friend go to an event but you
11:41 pm
didn't necessarily know about it right away. it wasn't rubbed in your face and you could save yourself embassment by pretending you didn't know what happened. but now on facebook you know if your friends have a party an documenand didn't invite you. it's ruining people's lives. >> kimberly: i don't know, because you can find out if you weren't invited to something. that didn't happen to me. but they upload photos if real time to show you. 'canes you have to remember if you sold world cup you can't go to an event you can't take pictures or my friend will know about it. maybe it makes people truthful. >> eric: this happened to me the other day. i was on twitter. i saw that you invited bob to a football game. porter. >> eric: to watch the football game. >> kimberly: you weren't invited? >> eric: i was missing you guys so much. i didn't have anything to do
11:42 pm
sunday. did you? >> greg: no, i was alone crying in a closet, wearing -- >> kimberly: is that that noise from the closet? >> greg: wearing my mom's wedding dress. >> dana: put it on facebook. >> greg: no. >> bob: you were skiing over the weekend, weren't you? >> eric: i would have been at the football game with you guys. >> greg: i have a solution for this. president obama go on facebook and redistribute the friends. if someone has 50,000 friends, somebody else has 5,000 friends, he should say take 20,000 from them, they get 25,000, they get 30,000. make it fair. >> dana: what if someone were to take my twitter followers compared to yours and redistribute them after i worked so hard to get 100,000 more followers than you have. >> greg: you know you should be lucky you have that many twitter followers. i'm not so lucky and i deserve twitter followers. >> dana: do you have a problem that you find out
11:43 pm
there was a date that you didn't get invited to or something? >> bob: i haven't opened my facebook page in two years and my son set it up for me. the whole thing is ridiculous. same with the twitter thing, i'll get to in my one more thing. you sit here in the break, you look at the people tweeting out there. most of whom are, well -- >> dana: those are our viewers. >> bob: i know. they're clearly right of atilla the hun, but they are fine. cripples you getting to that, though? >> eric: i can't wait for this. >> bob: good ones, too. >> dana: do we need to get the bleeper out? >> bob: no. i bleeped it out already. >> dana: well, this has been fascinating. >> kimberly: i do have hurt feelings because i wasn't invited to the party. i was home alone. supposed to be sunday, sunday. it wasn't. >> bob: i'm the only one that comes up here all week long. my home was in maryland. you guys invite me to
11:44 pm
thanksgiving or christmas. >> greg: get invited to a party on the fox e-mail. you go thanks, sorry, that was meant for gregg jarret. >> dana: does that happen to you? >> greg: it does all the time. but his parties are freaky. the stuff he is invited to, i don't want to go. >> eric: yesterday you talk about you rubbed it in. you start talking about what dana made, the dip she made. >> kimberly: with the cheese. >> bob: you know, the more i think about why she didn't invite you. >> dana: i have to say, though, i did hesitate for a moment before i sent out the picture. one, bob, are you okay getting a picture with jasper on twitter? wow! is anybody upset because i didn't invite them. i was kind of nervous about it. >> bob: i thought you said -- >> kimberly: started to write asking why aren't you there with your buddies? >> bob: i thought dana's comment in third quarter was right. "thank god kimberly and eric aren't here." greg, she said, "forget about it." >> kimberly: i do invite people. one time you asked me to come to your apartment.
11:45 pm
>> dana: i didn't get invited to that. >> kimberly: it was just me. >> eric: we are all going to be there. we are all going to be there. >> dana: be sure to bring photo that was on facebook. coming up, you don't want to wait until sueer bowl sunday to see some of this yore's years ads. ♪ ♪ >> dana: so there is a sneak peek of kate upton's ad for mercedes. hopefully bob will have just gotten up after having passed out. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> bob: everyone loves super bowl sunday and the commercials in the game. especially ones like my favorite, this one. ♪ ♪
11:50 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ >> you missed a spot. >> dana: next up, women in combat. >> bob: my goodness. okay. strait of hormu"sports illustra. and niece of congressman. she is gorgeous. what this is about, mercedes benz is running a little bit of this ad in different places before the bowles. they used to hold everything back and waited if for bowles and it would be a big surprise. because of social media they want buzz going around it.
11:51 pm
so midst of it here and there. advertisers do. what do you think? >> eric: a quiz. what is the ad for? >> bob: mercedes benz. >> eric: good. usually we don't know. you think of the doritos girl. it is what it is. >> greg: the this is something -- >> kimberly: carl's junior. get on your face. >> greg: excuse me? nothing compared to the erotic power of the pcmatic commercials. >> bob: i want to point out we have on a five-second delay because of me. if you heard what kimberly said, you would understand it. >> kimberly: no, no -- >> bob: it's fine. what do you think of kate and how she expressed herself here? >> dana: she is a lovely girl. my legs are about one-third the length of hers. very jealous. >> kimberly: the "sports illustrated" cover model and
11:52 pm
super sweet. people like her. cute and clever ad. >> bob: i like her a lot. >> greg: this is a cute, clever ad? >> bob: the average ticket price -- >> kimberly: she is not cute? >> greg: i don't care. >> bob: take a guess. what do you think the average ticket price is? >> eric: $800. >> kimberly: average? $864 for cheap seats and they are rolling up at $3,500? >> dana:,3,742. >> bob: exactly right. >> dana: it prepares to prepare is my motto. >> bob: that is the way the ticket prices supposed to be. but these are scalped. the idea of actually getting buzz on a commercial is probably good. i can't believe you are so wedded to the super bowl you wouldn't think this is an important topic. freddie i would try to respond but in the middle of the sentence you will say something. >> bob: i won't. go ahead. >> greg: you are not invited to my super bowl party.
11:53 pm
>> dana: are you making a dip? >> bob: no. i don't a tv. it will be jarret, hemmer, shep. folbaum is there. >> eric: bring o'reilly. >> bob: no, he doesn't like it anymore. >> dana: party pooper. >> eric: i didn'anymore. >> bob: i have to pick up my broken piece of my life and carry on but i'll do it. one more thing is up next. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> kimberly: all right. so it's time now for one more thing. want me to do a followup on the stories we talked about that got buzz. fortune of the princess. was it good or bad? this is exactly the royals, because we haven't been doing it enough. i love it. people were complaining saying that this portrait wasn't nice. ordinary, tul, she looked old. so the artist paul ensley is fighting back and said it was terrible for his daughters and wife, he was getting vicious personal attacks and he devoted four months to his life to it. and if you saw it in person you would agree with royals it was lovely. >> kimberly: my idea is she
11:58 pm
was suffering from morning sickness when he painted it. >> greg: who cares? who cares? royalty! >> kimberly: this "the five," not "the one." >> bob: first, kimberly, i'm glad you brought that up. i know you were asking what your one more thing was before we got on the air. >> kimberly: i didn't say that. i said what is the order. >> bob: speaking about how crazy we get. >> kimberly: him, bob, eric, dana greg. >> bob: i don't read twitter things often because these guys all do in the commercials. i don't read. but when i do, i do it at one time. give an example of what you are saying to me? "do you believe in the crap you say, bob?" "bob, facts can't pep trait the tiny mind of yours." "bob, more socialist doctrine from you. stallen and mao will be proud." this is painful. "go back to booze and drugs, it's the only world you make sense in." that is from the co-hosts.
11:59 pm
>> dana: but on sunday i read the tweets that people said about you. like i disagree with him, but bob is great. i love bob. bobbe is great and funny. >> kimberly: you know how much that it helps you for dana has you over. >> dana: popularity play. >> kimberly: it hurt me significantly. i lost 300,000 followers. >> bob: okay. keep going here. run out of time. >> eric: remember john dickerson, the political director at cbs news. >> kimberly: oh, no. >> eric: he responded to some of the criticism. here is how he responded. >> i thought i was giving the president my personal advice. there were aggressive language in the piece. i wasn't trying to give advice. i was trying to highlight in a stark way what seems like an impossible to avoid conclusion about the second term. >> eric: my point here is he is the political trekker at cbs news. not sure his opinions where president obama should declare war on the g.o.p. that he should pulverize the g.o.p. and destroy the


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